The Credit Grind Game?

I have over 30k battles played, I’m a unicum most days 🙂 I genuinely enjoy WoT… until recently.

I’ve been looking at some replays from the past and I realized how much fun I used to have. I remember the thrill of getting a tier 10 and how long it took me to get it. But something seemed different from then and that’s credits earned vs OP tanks.

It seems now it takes 2x as long to grind the credits needed to play tier 10. Granted I own 52 Tech Tree Tier 10’s and add the additional 907. But I have 3 additional Tier 10’s researched and the rest not touched. The XP is easy to get, now that I am a MUCH better player. However, the credit grind now seems very lack luster compared to my tomato days. Maybe it’s just mis-guided perception? I don’t know.

I feel the introducing tanks into Tier 8 such as the BZ-175 and the Vipera and many more have created a credit sink to those fighting them. I find myself slinging so much more gold now to ensure I get these awkward pens that seem to require gold. Let’s not discuss the facepalming when you get slammed for 875+ in the face against a BZ regardless of tier. AHAHA.

Additionally, Running no food and no gold doesn’t net much at all while playing tier 10. And if you do sling gold, while fighting a Maus or hull down IS7, you just nuke your potential credit gain at Tier 10.

I personally like playing Tier 10. I like a few select Tier 8’s such as the Skorpion G :D. But I can’t play tier 10’s as much as I like due to how much you don’t gain credits in tier 10. You just can’t sustain the tier 10’s that you’ve grinded to get to. So you have to work to play Tier 8 prem and grind, grind, grind credits or you have to wait for Frontlines to really rack in the creditos. Once I get a pool of credits, I’m happy for a few days to a week.

I’ve brought a few new players into the game, who also stated that they can’t sustain Tier 10 play. And they are not good players at all. They are new ofc. but eventually dislike the credit grind and and feel the forcefulness of having to buy premium tanks and end up walking away from the game.

IDK, I feel there’s a level of economy missing to let people enjoy the “end game”, if that’s what you want to call it.

What are your thoughts on economy vs Tier 10 play?

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