The death of light tanks

After coming back to the game from a longish break, I have noticed the decreased number of artillery and light tanks. Seems like most t8+ games consist of mediums, TDs, and heavy tanks. Me being the opportunist I try to be decide to hop in my light tanks to get some spotting done for my teams. I found out very quickly why there are not many light tanks playing these days.

1 – You die extremely fast. This was always the case, but its worse than before. Seems like all of the new tanks are auto loaders, capable of clipping your light tank. They can’t be circled fast enough to avoid the damage, and are nearly as fast as your light tank. (ok, so no rushing a loan tank anymore to circle and kill him unless you find an older tank)

2- Redundant view range. all these new tanks spot nearly as good as you. You just have a bit better camo to help you get a spot without being spotted. You often get limited to hiding in a bush unless your the wheeled light tank, which I don’t have.

3 – Hull down meta – everyone is hiding hull down and it doesn’t matter if you actually spot them for your team, they can’t damage the enemy tank anyways, what happened to those weak spots on all those tanks, these new tanks seem to lack weak spots up high. And rushing them is a joke because they all have autoloaders….


So I still play lights from time to time, but mostly just find a nice bush to sit in and wait. There are a few maps where this can be nice, but oh wait, here comes that damn ebr at 105k to blow your cover…

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