the game feels really really different since god knows when.. but i couldnt put my finger on it? (read text)

sorry, this post is going to be really obscure. its been so long since ive played this game.

(please read) last time ive played this game is when damaging your own team is possible, and theres no invisible walls. thats all i can remember. then i stopped playing when the game had this one update and my computer can no longer run it.

i came back like two months ago to reach tier 3 on german then left again because i cant enjoy it. its.. different. im not talking about the UI, obviously theres going to be changes on that one, its the gameplay (???). all that is happening is death after death after death. best i can do is probably 3 kills and thats it. am i horrible at this??? why am i worse than my younger self??? is it the game mechanics that changed??? (duh). and no its not like ive never touched a game in my life since i stopped playing wot.

yknow what? i fuck it. i dont even know what im typing at this point. i dont mind if you want to downvote it. but a comment would be nice, i guess.

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