The highest win rate I have ever seen… But…

Edit: I am an idiot and forgot the pictures…

So, I just loaded in to get my x2 so I can get my crews leveled up and out of low tier… I came back to the game after a break, and decided to start from the ground up, because there is a LOT I can’t remember. It also didn’t help that last time I rushed up the tech tree with 75% crews and no knowledge of the game itself. (I had 1000 games in my hetzer because, hurr durr, derp gun go boom.) My clan leader suggested I stick with mostly lower tier stuff until I got back into the swing of things, and only level up when my crews reached 1 skill (If you are poor, get 1 skill at least in whatever tank you are grinding, then when you move your crew, you can reset the skills to get your crew back to 100%)

Anyways, I ran into this fellow who was platooned with a couple known (and apparently proud, their clans are dedicated to “stomping newbies”) low tier clubbers. We went from up by a good amount to their platoon getting a crucial contribution. Regardless of the clubbing angle, I am impressed that even a dedicated clubber has a nearly 90% win rate! However, I think I will just say to hell with it and transfer my crews to higher tier vehicles, I don’t want to end up like this.

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