The Knights’ Templar [KTEMP] Are looking for players that are active in Advances and all the rest too!

Clan: The Knights’ Templar [KTEMP]

Clan portal:

About us: We are an active international clan. The aim of the clan is to bring together those who wish to participate in clan activities and have fun. We have a very active Discord community that is friendly and very knowledgeable; it is shared with our second clan, TKT2. Here players can chill or grind tanks needed to move into KTEMP. Team playing with both clans is encouraged and happens regularly. We are looking for players who wish to take part in Advances and who have their sights set on the next Global Map Event. We are also looking for COMBAT OFFICERS to help us into the challenges ahead and beyond!!

What we offer:

-A great and active international community;

-Make new friends and play with them in platoons;

-Regular Daily Clan Boosters (8 hours per day during the week and 12 hours per day over the weekend);

-Mentors to help you improve your gameplay and tactics and grind stuff!;

-Advances and Skirmishes;

-Full clan wars participation.

What we require from our joining members:

-English speaking, use Discord with a working Mic;

-Have at least 2 tier 10 Meta tanks from the following : 277, 140, CS63, SuperConq, VZ55, , EBR, ,260, 279e, Chief, 907 Ideally have a clear path to another Meta. (If you have no Tier 10’s TKT2 is an option)

-Willing to grind more Meta tanks (You can find a list of these on our discord);

-A willingness to be ACTIVE! Especially in Advances!

You can contact us as follows:

-Use the link at the top of the page to apply in the normal manner via WG.

-DM me directly. Greenjacket#1046

We look forward to hearing from you soon! See you on the battlefield!

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