The Minotauro feels balanced?

After getting it and playing a bunch of games with it, it feels like a balanced tank. I feel like the armor is a lot less fool proof compared to the E3 because you can’t really hide your lower plate and stand still on flat grounds because people could penetrate your cupola with standard ammo. Whereas for the E3, there’s not really any weak spots you can potentially penetrate with standard ammo if they’re hulldown and using gold ammo is still very difficult.

Face hugging tanks isn’t nearly as good as the E3 because tanks that are tall enough could easily shoot your cupola. Like sure, against tanks with very high premium pen like the Jagpanzer or Foch 155, the armor does hold up better but those are very exceptional situations that you’re not experiencing all the time.

The DPM is average, and the autoloading mechanic seems like a handicap to the tank, because you have to worry about the 20 second reload if you unload all 5 shots. You can’t use bounty loading system, the standard and premium ammo isn’t that great. It just feels like a better E4 to me. Thoughts?

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