The New Player Experience

Given the drama in War Thunder, I decided to perform an experiment in both World of Tanks and War Thunder afterwards, where I grind for the T-62A and time how long it takes me to get the tank in both games using a fresh account.

From the few hours I’ve played today, I can easily say the World of Tanks new player experience is extremely nice. The tutorial the game provides new players is extremely helpful and provides players with so many tools to help them get to grips with things, with my favorite feature being “topography”, where players can learn each of the maps at their own pace. Of course, stuff like side scraping and other advanced tactics aren’t covered (from what I’ve seen), from what I’ve played so far, World of Tanks has an extremely good new player experience, though I do feel bad when I see other players scattered among the bots. If anything, I hope I get more bot matches so I can speed run my way to fighting actual players.

Anyways, what are your guys thoughts on the new player experience in WoT?

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