The new player experience…

Is not good. Went thru basic training , watched some quickybaby videos etc Played around 10 games last week

Familiar with how WG games work because I have played WOWS for years , So I’m in no hurry to go up the tech trees because I’m just trying to learn basic mechanics and which nation/ class I prefer

Well tonight I made a huge error and hung around post match to take a quick peak at some service records of those who blew me up.

Tragically and sadly the last 3 games it was dudes who had 43k,, 53k , and 13k battles

This was at tier 1/2. 😂

“Git gud “. I get it . I’ve been thru this before

I got my ass handed in warships for a while before I got the hang of the game mechanics but wows gives u protected MM for the first couple hundred battles so you can actually learn the game . You can also practice against AI until you figure out and understand mechanics

The way the game is set up for new players in tanks is sort of a nightmare as the low tiers are basically infested with with filthy , seal clubbers

At least let new players battle other noob / bots for a while and actually learn/ have fun 🤩

Not sure what wg is thinking but the new player experience is complete rubbish

And 2 u seal clubbers with 53k games in a t1/2 match : “ I will have my vengeance in this life or the next”

Battle on

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