The NSV heavy machine gun, “Stealth” model

The IS-2, the Chinese Tier VII heavy tank, has two turrets.

Both of these turrets (IS-2 early and IS-2 late) are identical — armor, view range, traverse speed.


The IS-2 late turret adds 50 HP and… what’s this? Better camo?

Stationary camo Moving camo IS-2 early 7.64/1.45 3.82/0.73 IS-2 late **7.80/1.48** **3.90/0.74**

In looking at the two turrets, from all angles, there are no discernible differences, in the client model, or in the viewer. See for yourself.


That the IS-2 late turret includes the NSV heavy machine gun on the top of the tank, thus increasing the camouflage values.

Q.E.D. — The NSV heavy machine gun adds camouflage.

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