The Obj 140 Tech Tree: The Pros and Cons You need to Know

How do I think?

– The Obj 140 is one of my favorite tier X medium tanks and I have Mark 3 on the Obj 140.

– Although it’s quite sad that the Obj 140 is no longer the best tier X medium tank anymore, I believe it’s still enjoyable and potential vehicle with great DPM.

– Including the Obj, Tanks in the tech tree are suited for CQC, thus it’s a kind of challenging vehicle for beginners. However, except T-43, I enjoyed all vehicles in the tech tree.

The Obj 140 is my first tier X Mark 3 tank.

Crew Skills


High DPM with fast reloading: The DPM of the Obj 140 tech tree is one of the best DPM in their respective tier.

– The Round Turret and the Low Profile: The armor of the turret is quite solid. Additionally, the low profile makes the Obj one of the best CQC fighter.

Camouflage: With the Camouflage crew skill, all vehicles in the tech tree have camo values over 30.00. It helps you not to be spotted if you use bushes properly.


Vulnerable Modules and Crews: The Safe Stowage perk is a must-have. Especially, if you’re going to use Extra Combat Rations, the Firefighting skill is also necessary.

Low Alpha Damage: T-34-85 and T-44 are the exceptions but the T-34, T-43, T-54 and Obj 140 have below-average alpha damage.

Cupolas on the Turret: The round turret provides decent protection while cupolas on the turret are vulnerable. The size of cupolas is neither big nor small.

Other Features

Mediocre Gun Depression: the Obj 140 has 7 degrees of the gun depression. It’s not excellent, but not unacceptable either. Except for the T-54 with 6 degrees of it, all vehicles in the tech tree have at least 7 degrees of the gun depression.

The Hull Armor: The upper plate of hull armor is reliable when angled properly and the sidescraping is possible if you don’t overangle.

Gun Handling: The accuracy is not the best, however, the gun dispersion on move is outstanding. However, due to slightly insufficient final accuracy, it’s not a sniper medium tank. It’s still possible to be a sniper, but it’s not the main play style of the Obj 140 tech tree.

How to Play

– The Obj 140 shows impressive performance in close quarter battles without any cover. If both the enemy and you are out in the open, it’s easier to shoot twice while the enemy can only shoot once. In addition, the Obj shines the most in free-dealing moments. Due to its fast reload, it’s excellent at making the enemy irritated.

– In the phase of line battle, play safe as much as you can to conserve your HP. Exchanging shots with the enemy is not recommended due to the tank’s low alpha damage.

– When your allies are pushing the line, it’s time to flank the enemy and distract the enemies’ attention.

Postscript : Many people gave me feedback that the Obj 140 tech tree is not recommended for beginners. As an old WoT user, I might have forgotten how difficult the grinding the stock T-44 and T-54 was. Thank you for all your feedback and if you want some guide post or tips for beginner, please write some comments below.

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