The state of light tanks in early 2023 (help needed)

Been playing light tanks since the beta, I did take a medium break around 2019-20, and came back. It was crazy on the early days when u get matched on tier X πŸ˜€

With the introduction of wheelies, many got outclassed. The changes on matchmaking helped.


But currently, I’m just guessing, are they worth for casual gameplay? Most of medium tanks matches almost the same speed, with more health and punch. Maps are mostly small, so the abysmal viewrange gets pretty limited and there are no many places where u can sit and see most of the map as the many hills or buildings we have. Speed projectile on tier 7+ is like everyone is going with gold, so most of them are fast.

Playing on random is frustating too, waiting for everyone to be on position, start painting the enemy team and getting 0 spot damage. If we have arties, they are focused on the heavy tank behind a hill.

I am not the best player of world of tanks, orangish and some days litle green while I grind tech trees, so its probably my fault that I dont understand the spot these tanks have. (even thou I saw the unicum guides and so)

Also trying to play again with the Ru251, to elite it and get the tier X. And oh man, I do feel useless and a big target.

I really like the concept of light tanks.


Current light tanks I own:

Ru 251

VK 2801 10’5




Amx 13 75

Lynx 6×6


Char MLe75


WZ 132


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