The statistics behind Win Rate – Need help

I have been trying to understand what is the worst WR you can have according to the laws of statistics.

I need some help figuring it out. That’s what I got so far.

According to some previous posts on this forum approximately 3% of games end in a draw. Therefore the games you can actually win or lose are 97.

Statistically at 48.5% (97/2) you are a neutral player. You neither help nor damage your team chances.

It’s easy to understand how you can improve the WR if you are good, theoretically you could win the game by yourself.

It’s much harder (for me) to figure out how bad you can be. Say you always immediately die, your average weight on the game is 3.3% if we weight on the whole game or 6.6% if we weight only on your team. If we use the second option (not sure which one is more correct) the worst you can do is 48.5-6.6=41.9%. If we weight on the whole it’s 45.2%.

Hence my question, how can some people have thousands of games and a WR below 42% (or below 45%), it should be statistically impossible, shouldn’t it?

How do you make your team lose more than that?

Thank you for your help.

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