The T6 Medium is garbage

This is just a vent post to make me feel better. Someone will probably say I’m bad and you are correct. While I appreciate helpful advice, I will probably continue bashing my head against the wall with this tank until I unlock everything you can with it, and then cast it into the void forever.

This tank does not want you to succeed. It’s strengths and weaknesses contradict each other and puts you in an unwinnable scenario outside of very specific situations.


-Turret armor when upgraded is not bad

-Nice gun depression

-Potential huge damage on 105 howitzer

-View range is good (though I don’t have a %100 commander, so I’m not seeing this benefit for now)


-Gun handling on all guns this tank gets is horrific. The howitzers I understand, but .4 dispersion on the best 75mm you get?

-Hull armor is laughable, can be penned by nearly any tank you face

-Slow, even when fully upgraded. Honestly poor mobility overall.

-Can be spotted from the moon

So obviously, this tank wants to go hull down. Cool. But where exactly? If you try to sit back and hit enemies from a distance, you can watch your shots sail off into the 8th dimension while trying to hit a tank out in the open.

You can try to get closer, but it’s almost a guarantee that anybody lying in wait will see you before you see them, and they’ll just plink away at your hull armor until you die, so you can’t push.

You can’t rush either, because you’re not that fast.

All you can really do is roll with your team and hope they get shot first, while you wait either 2 or 3 seconds for your gun to finally aim in.

I don’t have enough free xp to get past it right now, but even if I did, I don’t think I would use it since I’m stingy with the stuff. All I can do is hope the mm doesn’t bash me too hard and I get the occasional downtier so I can at least have some joy at deleting a tier 3 with the howitzer once in a while.

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