The test bed for WT-E100 Returning

With the rentals that WG has given for this event I find it hard to not suspect that this is a test bed for bringing this back into the game.

One thing worries me however. I really hope it isn’t sold as a premium or through an event. If they do this without giving it back to the people like myself that originally had it from the TT then that is going to cause an insane storm.

It was broken (not OP) back in the day and as everyone who is now finding out, getting a chance to play it, with how much the game has changed in the last 6 years since she left the game, there are far more broken tanks in the running now and the impact it would have on the game balance imo would be very little.

What do others think? I’d like it to return to the game but only if the original owners are compensated with it, NOT as a new ‘altered’ prem or event vehicle, and personally want it to have both guns back because the 15cm gun was hilarious back in the day and sounded incredible.

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