The Yoh tanks are nothing new.

I come from wot blitz, and let me tell you, beware of the yohs. The M-VI-Yoh line was implemented recently into World of Tanks Blitz, and they actually broke the game. Know how the VZ.55 was just put in the game? Well, its the VZ but better. The tier ten has two guns, one is a double shot with a crazy good interclip, while the other is a three shot autoloader with incredible DPM, good handling, better pen the 2 shot, and ten degrees of gun depression. It has spaced armor drive wheels which have a lot of armor, and the turret is the worst thing ever to pen. Upper plate is very strong as well, with a weird curved side hull.

The tier 9 is just a slightly worse version of the tier ten, with AWFUL DPM on BOTH of its guns. Tier 8 is incredible at its tier, and the tier 7 is slightly above average.

WG was smoking some serious drugs when the put it into Blitz the way it is, with professional players averaging 4k-5k damage and 80% wr.

ALSO: The yohs have a special track mechanic: When the track is broken, you can REVERSE up to 4kmh (backwards only) away from the fight and get your track repaired.

All the time people say, “oh x tank is op.” This tank is legitimately over powered, and it is way too good. If it comes into too pc way it is in blitz, you guys are in for some extreme spamming.

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