Thinking about quitting the game (12k battles, playing since 2013). This game is so frustrating, it’s an arduous work, not fun for me. If I wanna play good, I need to be super patient and careful, requiring no less mental energy than doing lab work.

Games should be fun, not difficulty. Especially with the SEA “waiting meta”, with so many sniper TDs and meds, any overextension would be punished greatly. Not to mention all those teammates blocking your target, blocking your line of retreat, camping base, spamming “fall back”, lights dying in first minute, etc. These days I just want to have fun, not to be over cautious and see what happens, and my WN8 collapsed. Aggressive play is heavily punished, “support” role somewhere between actively fighting and camping base is heavily rewarded. The game rewards defence and punishes offence, so you’d better play passively and wait for the enemy to make mistakes, especially in the SEA meta that is all about camping and sometimes vision control. I’ve decided that I have had enough. This game, especially this server is not for me.

Honestly, most of my stats come from enemy’s mistakes, not my own merit. Successful flanking is rare and mainly happens in mid~late game when the game is already won. If the other side is also more careful, the game is a draw.

You either wait, concentrate all the time, spend more energy than literal lab research, and get some decent stats but be exhausted and terribly bored in the process. Unfulfilling. If you just wanna have fun, you get murdered by the bush camping TDs. Unfulfilling.

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