Thinking of returning.. Help required.

Hi. I used to play a fair bit and was an okay player. It’s been over a year since my last battle.

I still keep up with the game changes, I log in, have a look around and keep up with the meta. I even still help people from time to time on here as you really don’t need to play to impart knowledge.

I was a unicum. I am more than aware this is not the case now in reality as I will be rusty as fuck. I am looking for people to play with on EU, maybe do some toons, ease back into it etc. I’m pretty funny and after a couple weeks I could probably help your gameplay/WR. It’s all positives honestly and I’m a joy 😛

I’m not sure if I will be returning full time, as honestly in the last 7 years the game is definitely going in a direction I personally don’t agree with. But you can dislike aspects whilst enjoying others, and I honestly miss the game and the joy it gave me in the good old days.

I figured in my absence it was the playing with friends and having a laugh aspect I missed most, so I’m looking to get that again. I don’t care how good or bad you are honestly, it’s never really mattered much. Some of my favourite toon mates were really not that good, but were fun people.

Anyhow, I’m EU if you’re interested, name is Groundpounder1 add me or whatever and we’ll go from there. If anyone has any suggestions or places to toon with folks I’m all ears.

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