This game is no longer fun and it has nothing to do with the gameplay and mechanics itself.

Sure goldspam is bad… Arty is annoying AF. Maps are not balanced well…. Tanks are imbalanced to hell and back… But there is something unequivocally worse: the matchmaker. Matchmaker is just trash. 15-0 or 15-5 for 95% of games and then 5% are a competition.

Sure, I can just do my best chug on. However, do you really have fun when you know the game is guaranteed a loss? I am not talking about 2 minutes in the game and calling it a GG. I mean 5-8 minutes (because that’s a LONG game now…) of pure stomp and running away. HP disparity is above 20-25% the entire time.

I do not like ranked either for how wonky it is as well.

I simply put want an ELO random matchmaker. ~12k US players may not be enough for fast queues, but I think it would overall be much more enjoyable. Hell, give us a beta test ELO system and let’s see what happens!

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