This grind is brutal

I’m only at tier 4 and it already feels like hell. I don’t make a lot of credits, sometimes I even lose some if I had a really bad game, xp gains are anaemic, and worst of all, I hardly learn anything from my games because I die so quickly and often unexpectedly, and also because landslide games happen even at this tier. I can’t even tell if I’m being spotted because 6th sense isn’t at 100% on my crew yet, and even they aren’t 100% trained yet either. Doesn’t help that it takes a while to find matches because the only people who play at this tier seem to be smurfs most of the time and farm the shit out of everything.

I’m not whining for an easier grind, I’m just at a loss over why low tier is this difficult to get through, ouside the fact that I’m new. Even WoWs wasn’t this hard when I first started there.

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