This is just random topic and just wanna get personal ideas about gold rounds

I just wanted to ask for individual opinions on how you would implement gold rounds into the game in a way your would feel would work but be balanced. Gold round are definetly a must have in the game but when you can just fully stock up a tank with all gold rounds for a lot of tanks it completely destroys the point of a lot of tanks armor when it’s the only thing they have going for them.

This is just my opinion having played for about a year now; what if the gold rounds were temporary ammo type something earned during a game and lost at the end of the game. Say maybe like 3 stacks of blocked shots once your get 3 stacks you will get a whole magazine of the gold rounds. Like if it’s a 1 round shots it’s 1 gold round, if it’s a 4 shot auto loader it’ll be 4 premium rounds. you can pile up these premium rounds but they will all be discarded at the end of the game and itd be a waste to use standard round you could do damage with. I don’t think autoloader could abuse this as much as you would think as reloading takes a lot of time especially when you needed it most and to conserve the ammo when you would need it most you would stick to standard round until you needed premium. I understand there are really tough tanks to deal with like the BZ-176 but you can still pen them with standard rounds just a lot harder. But I think this would be a better way to go about it. Obviously I don’t think this should apply to premium rounds like derp guns for obvious reason i would think. To me this would allow for a lot of tanks who’s armor is just abused by not protecting them at all and yes I know you can angle your tank properly to try and block gold but I think they hit and pen more often than not.

This is just my opinion I know it’s gonna get bashed a lot but I’d like to hear your guys opinion on it. I’m hoping for just hearing the ideas of the player base that won’t go anywhere but it at least matters here.

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