This is why I still play this game after 10 years.

Even though I am the epitome of the average player, I keep playing day after day and tonight I had one of those games that sums up what I love about this game: clawing your way back from certain defeat to overcome unlikely odds, down to 1HP in a slow and awkward TD with limited turret rotation.

The game starts off strong, but soon your team is taking a beating and you’ve got some dude crying “another lose” (sic).

Suddenly, it’s down to the wire, time is running down, the enemy is up several tanks and their two arty are doing significantly better than your team’s arty.

Then it’s you in a SU-130 with an S-51 in a bad spot (down on the beach on Overlord) and you’ve got two tanks and two arty on your ass. The enemy arty hits you and removes all but 1 HP just as you take out their last ‘real’ tank.

With 1 HP left, and less than 2 minutes on the clock, too far away and too late to cap, you’ve got one arty on each side of the map.

The dead whiner is still calling for a loss and then, thanks to the whimsy of RNG and Russian BIAS, you find and kill the arty that flanked you. Just one more arty left! He fires and stuns you… amazingly you take no damage.

With less than a minute left, I ask our arty to get on their cap hoping to distract the last arty.

Slowly picking my way across the map, I finally spot their arty and he’s looking right at me…

I fire and take him out and save the game with only seconds left on the clock.

Unexpectedly pulled a nice Ace tanker.

My favorite part of the game was the “another lose” guy was at the exact bottom of the team’s list. Having fired 8 shots with one hitting the target.

I know, this is a dumb story but I think about the guys asking “is this game worth it” and I usually say “probably not”. You sit through a string of losses and beat downs that make you have second thoughts about the game and then you have one of these great victories and you forget about the rest of the bullshit for a few minutes.

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