This sounds ambitious, but I think there is a connection to these new low tier super test tanks.

ConeOfArc, a YouTube content creator who does videos on cursed tanks, and other tank based content, recently did a video on the Romanian Renault R35, which is among the new super test tanks. Today he just announced a new video coming up on the Pz. Kpfw. M15, which was also among the new super test tanks. He is a frequent WoT player and has also been sponsored by WG numerous times. Considering all of the new vehicles are cursed tanks, it would make sense that this will be some sort of collaboration between ConeOfArc and World Of Tanks. Not only that, but WG doesn’t usually add low tier premiums, unless they are gift tanks and/or Christmas loot box tanks. I could be totally wrong about this, but to me this doesn’t seem like it’s just a coincidence. What do you all think?

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