thoughts on battle performance

I have noticed that (this does not cover everything) for mid level players like myself, you have shit wins and epic loses Aka: on a win you get low damage but on a lose you get epic damage. My thought is (and I used to/still do this sometimes) you get in battle and i play in such a way that i position myself for survival with a shit team thus the good damage. And if that team actually wins i get left behind as i am in a camping/defensive mindset/position so i loose on wins and win on loses (I’m respect to damage) I feel this is die to the mentality that we are going to lose from the fact that yeah we lose a lot when first starting to play so we get stuck in the mindset that we always lose and since we perform so well on a lose it must be the game is rigged as I did my part and yet lost right? Here is the thing though. I have been working on combining survival with map awareness to go and do what I need to to win (and no going to a flank alone as nobody else did generally mean you die alone doing near nothing) I started getting more wins!


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