Thoughts on Chinese Lights?

So I’m starting to grind some light tank lines cause I’m so behind on the lights in regards of campaign missions, I’m currently at tier on both russians and french, and sometimes, I end up dying on both and want to play another one but I only have those 2. Now there’s top of the tree for the chinese ones and I’ve seen mixed opinions on really old posts on the wot forums, how are they now? is it worth it?

There’s no way I’ll reach tier before the top of the tree ends, specially because I’m going to grind the shit out of the IS-4 line when that top of the tree starts on teh 20th, but I might be able to rush a few tiers. and have some more variety on my lights.

I also don’t have any chinese tank at all so there’s that.

EDIT: Yikes, I’ve just seen that the chinese tier 4 becomes medium at tier 5, and then goes back to light at tier 6. Kinda gross in terms of crew training.

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