Thoughts on more wheeled vehicles?

Now before the pitchforks come out, I know a lot of people hate EBRs for their broken scouting ability and unrealistic maneuvering. I just want to hear people’s thoughts on different kinds of wheeled vehicles. For example, some wheeled tank destroyers? While yes, these vehicles would be fast, they are also very large and not great for handling. Give them good camp when stationary but not on the move like EBRs have.

WG could easily add on a short line of a couple vehicles in a few trees, Germans with the radkampfwagens, British with some South African Ratels/Rooikats, or even the Italians with their centauros.

I think it would add some unique yet balanced vehicles, some of these are quite modern but with proper balancing would be perfectly fine in the current state of wot. I think it would also be interesting to see some of the smaller caliber guns that these vehicles are equipped with, ie the Rooikat 76, at top tier.

Just curious if anyone else in the community would be interested in these vehicles or other similar ones, or if the EBRs have ruined everyone’s idea of ever desiring more wheels.

Edit: If you voted no, I’d love to hear some discussion on what problems could come with these kinds of vehicles

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