Thunderbolt is by far the weakest of all Harrier Tanks

This mode is all about mobility. Hunting sentinels, delivering plasma, or raiding WTE, speed is crucial in every situations.

Thunderbolt’s other stats just don’t compensate its lack of mobility.

Look at others, Foudre is actually unique and cannot be replaced that it has autoloader and 4-second invincibility.

And Resistor is just better than Thunderbolt in every meaningful stats, be it survivability, speed, or DPM.

Alpha damage? Who needs it when fighting against bots and 32k health tank?

Health? Good luck praying on E 110’s low-roll.

In this situation, it’s actually joke that Thunderbolt’s skill penalizes its already abysmal mobility.

I think Thunderbolt needs some kind of buff, and nobody should choose it over Resistor unless wanting some self-harm.

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