Tier 10 game play does not mean a player is a better player!

Once again this morning I read a post with several responses about top tier gamers being better players. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the game. Yes anyone can find exceptions and examples to “prove” any point they are trying to make. This is true about WoT just like anything in life. The truth tho is being a great tier 10 player does not mean a player is automatically better at the game overall then a player that concentrates on lower tiers. This has been proven time and again by tournament results. 1 v 1 tournaments at lower tier (tier 5-7) are often won by players who’s stats in top tier tanks are far lower then the players they beat. The same with lower tier scrimmages. Yes a group of long beard try hard tier 10 players looks great on paper till they play against a clan of players that dedicate their time to perfecting lower tier game play. Yes on average a player with 60-70k battles will have more battles in tier 10 then a player with 5k battles. So on average any player with 60-70k battles will be better than a 5k battle player. On average. My point is that one’s “skill” or “knowledge” of the game is not based on if that player can or does have high tier 10 stats. But it is based upon their effectiveness and skill level of the tank and tier they choose to play and overall battles played in game as a whole.

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