Tier 10 matchmaking and general experience

Hi all,

first to say, I am an average player, about 1350 WN8, play mostly T8 and lately T9. Usually I can do my own tank damage at T9 with, mostly play mediums. Also I play exclusively stoned but that is another matter.

Yesterday I bought WZ-121 and played 12 games.

All games were T10 veichles only. In the first game I came upon a platoon of two green obj. 140s with object 279e. Folowed by 2 games with at least 3 Kranvagns. Almost in every game there was either Obj 279e, Chieftan or 2-3 Krans.

My teams won 8 of 12 games, but my damage output was like in my t-34-2.

So the question.

Is tier 10 exclusive games the norm now? In how many battles out of a 100 can I expect to meet T9s or godforbid T8s?

Usually the first game in a tank makes you top tier. Not anymore?

Not all was bad though, on siegfried line we lost field early, so I came to back of map, spoted their lights who got instantly vaporized, spoted and dug out a 121b who was farming our team from that bunker in the middle, spotted arties. In the end of a game I got gg from a wn8 2000+ player. That felt good.

What is your opinion on T10mm and general gameplay and teammate experience?

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