Tier 6 token: tutorial – what should i get?

im open to all suggestions – read brief below

im new to Computer WOT – only just finished the tutorial and they give you a teir 6 token to get any researchable tank, what should i get?

yes i know its stupid to throw a newbie into that fire but on the otherhand, i have played WOT – Blitz, the mobile edition, getting the JG.PZ E 100, the FV 215B 183 (somehow its still in the techtree) the 4 shot autoloading Fv4005 (yes, we know, weird aint it?) the Object 268, the T57, the Sheridan, Kranvagn, 60TP the mighty Maus and the E-100, a few tanks – im mostly a TD kinda player, so what should i get, and is so, are the other lines harder to grind? im hoping to continue the same tank trees plus the CS-63, wheelies, the other russian heavies or the STRV line as they dont exist – im open to recommendations?

basically anything other then arty

some examples of tanks i wouldnt mind getting


churchill VII

the VK 36.01







but whats your opinion, im open to all suggestions

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