Tier for Tier: OBJ-704 Vs ISU-152 ?

basically I love both these tanks. (amazing tanks by the way – thoroughly recommend for new players).
the problem is – I wanna buy them back.
As a F2P player here, grinding credits is tough. I want to make a concrete decision and not regret later.


OBJ.704-better tank overall (loved the journey 2-3k per game) but don’t really get the satisfaction of seeing a t7 tank’s HP fall by 3/4 th) otherwise sits well in MM and much less frustrating.
ISU-152- loved the tank’s ability to meet t7. Best thing is standard shells also go smooth through t9’s. only difficulty is meeting t10’s but it’s not that often.

Guys all I ask is this-which one is better to buy back.(I’ve never used gold rounds/am F2P player/low budget equipment/2 skill crew)

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