Tier X MT module damage?

In your experience, how would you rank the (non-reward) tier X medium tanks WRT them taking module damage?

And how do you mitigate this damage besides “not getting hit”?

My list:

UDES 15/16 (The “Preventive Maintenance” skill somehow fixes the endless fires.) Leo 1 (The “Modified Configuration” equipment helps a bunch.) Obj 140 (The “Modified Configuration” equipment helps a bunch.) Obj 430U (The “Modified Configuration” equipment helps a bunch.) TVP (I’m on the fence with this one.) 121 (I haven’t played this tank in years, but I don’t remember module damage ruining the experience.) Progetto 65 (I haven’t played this since the last nerf but I don’t remember crippling damage being an issue.) Patton (This tank feels pretty solid to me.) T-62A (For some reason this tank feels like an IS-4 to me!)

I’ve never played:

AMX 30B BC 25t CAX (Is is made of ammo racks?) CS-63 E 50M (Engine issues?) K-91 STB-1

I know extremely good players don’t need “reactive” equipment but at my level I end up with better performance using it when needed.

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