tier X?!?!?!!

hi fellow masochists playing the infamous game with tonks, i have come to make myself an idiot and ask for some funky advice

what tier X is n00b friendly? I’m currently going for the E50M cuz i think it’s funny, and the VZ.55 cuz i heard it’s hilarious.

But I’ve come here as i said to ask, what line is noob friendly

thinking about the 13 105 and obj 140 aswell, maybe even IS-4/IS-7/277 but for the love of god why is the cargo train that is the t-28 so bad, same for AMX 40 please i just wanna have fun and not get gold spammed by TDs cuz i drove out 2cm

and u guys have any like wot discords that teach new players or just have people that wanna play with garbage players like me? no? It is understandable nobody wants to play with garbage, but im wart hunger player mostly, so the concept of this RNG aim is a bruh moment for me, same for gold shells, but they both are freemium games so i know the masochism behind this.

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