Tiger P as premium in tier 6?

As we all know, Tiger 131 exists in tier 6 as the more “historical” version, as well as some believes it to be a more “suitable” place where the tiger should belong due to its boxy mediocre-ish armour, fire power and same tier rivals.

(Though after the DPM/Alpha buff of the tiger I, this opinion seem to have died down a bit)

Do you guys think, a tiger P premium at tier 6 would be suitable in terms of gameplay balance wise or more fun to people who wanted to enjoy the this historical tank?

Of course it will be adjusted accordingly, with the historical short 88, weaker turret armour, perhaps slower but keeps the 200mm upper plate.

Some might think that armour would be too good, however tanks such as AT-8 already exist with 200mm effect armour frontally as well, while Tiger P have more weakspots to balance it out.

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