TIL that you can sell some of your Decal , Emblems , Inscriptions. And WG should really make an event where we can sell all of them i don’t care if they are reward or not.

So , i heard about this before but i always tried to sell my decals etc. in Depot, but in order to be able to sell them , you need to choose a random tank go to Exterior , Switch to Custom Style, go to Decals, and you will need to manually left click all of them to see if you can sell them or not. Maybe this is obvious for most of you but i play this game on and off for 9 years and didn’t know about this. Also i was really surprised that i could only sell like 10% of them and made 4 million. WG should really consider making and event where we can sell all of them even for 10-20k . Most of us probably will never use them .


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