time for a talk about the chieftan (T95/FV4201)

Rumor is that WG will not offer it as a prize in the upcoming CW. The last time they offered it (two CW seasons ago), they gave it to a greatly reduced number of people. In the clan I was in last year, 90 percent of the people who got reward tanks already had the chieftan and most of them had the 907 as well. It was stupid. The guys who didn’t have chieftans mostly ended up on the B team so they still don’t have them unless they had a load of bonds. Anyone who started CW in the past year is obviously screwed.

BTW, I’m not a new player and I have plenty of broken reward tanks. I just think WG needs to fix this by either nerfing the chieftan back to a balanced tier 10 power level or make it easier for newer players to get them. For the people who scream “but muh hard earned rewards” – the chieftan is not even an end game reward tank- I know a ton of shitty players that have the chieftan, including many that have neither the obj 260 nor the obj 279e. Lordsheen got the chieftan doing suicide meme strats.


the chieftan is an entire powerlevel above normal meta CW tanks. If you don’t have one and you want to be on the main team to get a reward tank, you better be an amazingly good obj 140/cs-63/ebr player. for players who have been doing CW for a while, there is not really a ton of incentive to play since once you have the chieftan, all the other rewards are a big step down. WG is obviously trying to address this by adding in tanks like the caro 45t to keep people interested, but it still doesn’t fix the problem because none of the newer reward tanks are very good- they’re a lot more like the battle pass reward tanks in that they reward very good play but are not OP. Why the chieftan isn’t like this, I don’t know. for players who are new to CW, they don’t have chieftans and can’t get them. Not even in the old sense of “you need a chieftan to win a reward tank” but in the sense of “you can’t even get a chieftan because WG won’t give them out anymore”

IMO, the best solution is to give the chieftan a big cupola weak spot and then consider adding more nerfs if that isn’t enough. It should play like a tier 10 renegade, not like a super conq with smaller weak spots, extra mobility and higher alpha damage.

Alternatively make it easier for new CW participants to get a Chieftan if they don’t already have one. Or just make them a tier 10 tech tree vehicle and have it replace the super conq. Problem solved, right guys?

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