TIP: If you have trouble marking a tank, go to recon missions.

I think new maps are perfect for marking tanks, because most players you’ll be facing are unfamiliar with key positions – they don’t know where to push and where they’ll get shot from. All you need to do is improvise a little and no one will even notice you getting respectable damage numbers.

The enemy team had won the hill, but didn’t really know what to do next. So I used a line of bushes by the runway to spot them coming down and got some easy assistance damage. Coupled with my own damage, the result was enough to increase my progress from 94,81% to over 95.

I had 89% on Type 61 when I started playing in recons. It took me roughly 25-30 battles(I don’t remember the exact number because session stats are unavailable in recon missions) over the course of 3 days to mark. I had no problem doing 3-4k damage per game. Like I said, players make a lot of mistakes early on. And this tank is especially good at adapting to any situation.

I’m not sure how much time it would’ve taken me to mark this tank in randoms, or if I even had potential to mark it at all. Random battles come down to map knowledge. Having good memory is more valuable than being able to improvise on the spot – at least that’s my opinion.

So if you happen to hate the current map rotation and like to explore, I suggest you bring out that tank you’ve been trying to mark and give it a go in recon missions. It is worth a try, trust me.

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