Tips for a tanker coming back into game after 7 years?

Hey everyone, I came back to the game after so many years. When I left, the tanks were just starting to get HD textures, and physics was recently added. Due to personal reasons, I didn’t have time to play the game anymore.

Some time ago my memory brought this game back to me and I re-joined.

My first impressions are optimistic! I like the new graphical design, all these new options, expanded missions, and loads of free stuff I received.

However, this isn’t the main topic of my post. I’d like to ask a few questions I couldn’t find answers to:

a) is there any community channel that consists only of guides? I don’t mean stuff like QuickyBaby (whom I still like very much, thank you for twitch drops QB). I mean a channel that is purely focused on guides. And preferably I’d like it to be up-to-date. I wouldn’t like to get obsolete information. I struggle with positioning on new maps and reworked old ones.

b) has the community died down a bit? The forums don’t contain as many posts as I remember.

c) Bonds. Are things in the bonds shop available for a limited time? Currently, I want to spend my Battle Pass points for more bonds to get some tier VIII or tier X tank. Does it make sense?

d) is Leopard 1 still worth it? I’ve just started grinding Indien Panzer and I’m having some good fun, but I have seen only a few tanks from this line so far in my battles.

I play on the EU server. Thank you for any tips, and I hope you’ll have a great day!

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