Tips for being a better player

These are a few “basic” tips I have learned that have helped me improve my game play dramatically. Hopefully you guys will add your tips to this. This is not the end all be all of how to play guides. Just something to think about.

If you are not directly “fighting” another tank use tactical mode to look down on the map. Thankfully I had a clan mate suggest this to me and asked me to try it. Once you get better at using it you can spot falling trees broken buildings fences etc with surprising accuracy.

Learn the reload times of tanks in the tier you most often play. This sounds complicated due to the amount of tanks in game but it’s not. Example: if you play a heavy at tier 6 then you should know where on the map to play your tank. That means most times you are going to encounter only a few different tanks. Learn the reload times of those tanks first. Being able to shot a tank on its reload is very important.

Learn the weak spots and spots where you can damage tanks that you see most often and make those shots first. Once again if you are playing your tank where you should be you only encounter a few different types of tanks. Making you first 2 shots at a tank and damaging the opponent’s gun, loader, commander etc is very helpful at killing that tank.

Know where on what map to play your tank. Pretty self explanatory.

Mini map mini map mini map!!!! Learn to watch your mini map. This sounds simple but it’s not. It is very easy to get tunnel vision while engaged in a fight with another tank. Yes it happens to the best players. Learn to use your mini map effectively.

If you are struggling at the tier you are playing drop back down a few tiers. Example. You are constantly at that bottom of list after the game in your tier 8 games drop back down to tier 6 and work on your game play. This game is a grind. Not only for grinding your tanks but also your working game knowledge. It’s no shame in taking a step down in tier to get better.

Hope this gives someone something different to think about and that others will add their suggestions

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