TL-7 (new American Tier 9 autoloader TD) and Udaniy (Tier 8 obj 257) are in CN server’s lootbox

from 10/20/2022 to 10/25/2022

Drop table:

tank: (drop rate: 2% per box), guaranteed drop every 50th box, reset pity

TL-7, Udaniy, Jadgtiger 8.8, VK7501, KPZ 07RH, Turtle MK.1, IS-5, STRV 81, ISU-130

noticable other rewards:

BIA crew, x5 exp, random blueprint, blue print fragment

Important Rule:

You can only buy 50 boxes per day. 8 RMB per box (1.4 USD)

However, there is a special package come with 200 box but you can only buy once. (1400 rmb = 200USD)

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