To WG s development and balancing Team: Fix the important stuff!

Can you guys please fix obvious issues at hand and stop doing things the community didnt ask for or want in any way. Some Ideas:

– Fix Toptier OP platoons – There is no reason a 279, chief or 260 Platoon should be a thing, especially when they are fighting T8 (next obvious problem, +2 MM)!

– 10 TDs, 0 lights on open Maps are just stupid (equally stupid than 4 Lights on one team). No comment needed.

– New maps are nice, but maybe fix the various broken ones first. Especially the broken terrain which absorb shots is absoluetly mental. Or Maps like Lakeville where there is 3/5 of the map not playable due to Rock or Lake.

… i could go on but i think you get the point.

Yes, new content is fun, but imo, people (maybe just me) would spend a lot more money in the game if issues like those were solved. Especially don’t waste time for stuff like experimental equipment. Nobody wantet it or asked for it. Just wastet time.

What do you guys think about that topic?

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