Too stupid for Regegade?

Hey guys

TL:DR at the end

I play on EU, above avarage (about 2,7k WN8 recent, allmost 2.3k overall) with the best winrate in avarage on T8.

Am I too stupid for Renegade? I can make allmost every tank to work, but not that ting. Everyone say its great, good gun, mobility, dpm etc etc. Jeah, if you play against T6 and 7 you can out-dpm many tanks, the gun is okay on close range. So my problem is: I get shot and penned with EVERY shot on cupola. If I go in 2th row they hit only half of shots, but pen the hits (obviously), but I cant hit anything.

Game on Erlenberg in T8 game: tried it with hulldown on many corners, everywhere is a tank with way better turret armor, so I cant snapshot cause I need to aim on weakspots. Got hit, enemy is back in cover, cant shot. Negative trade. Okay, other corner, same shit. Pen one hit, 300 dmg, game over cause get outtraded by everyone. As 1 of 3 T8 heavys I cant go on med flank, but I cant do shit in city.

Other game on Lakeville: T8 only game with many heavys, I went for valley, and I slapped them, cause no one was shooting and focus on me. 4.5k dmg, easy win, good push. But thats 1 of 10 games in this tank. I have more avarage dmg in my T32 in over 100 games then in the Renegade, and I cant figure out why? Am I just too stupid for the tank or is there a secret cheat to make cupola harder?

TL:DR: Get hit in cupola, cant hit shit, too soft for heavy line, too slow for meds and needed in city. Can make it work in like 1/10 games, how to change?

Thx a lot

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