took a month of break from the game and feels like i lost 30% of my skills.

Need help from you guys. Used to be a player that was trying to grow in the game, i was around 3.5-3.8k dpg player before making a break. At the end of february i decided to take a break because of war that has started, it drained me emotionally completly, i was also following all of the news and couldnt find time for wot. After like 1 week i decided to try out war thunder. And i liked it, i played it for about 3 weeks and got bored due to long grind. Now i have decided to come back to wot and feels like i lost all of my awareness completly, i play without the idea of what i want to do and i feel like i autopilot a lot of things. How do i come back and try to get better at this point?

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