Top tier gold spam aids

I know this is nothing new. This has been the state of the game for years. Just for fun, I played 28 games at tier 10 exclusively, all heavy tanks. 26/28 were pure tier 10 games.

I was counting – out of the hundreds of shots fired at me tonight, a grand total of (3) were standard rounds. The rest were 100% gold. No exaggeration. 3 total. 1 was HE from a 183 that penned lol

Every map seems to be a hulldown goldspam shitfest stalemate. Eventually one team whittles down a flank and steamrolls 15-5. Seems like its the same every single game. You either do 800dmg, or 3k. No in between

Im guessing tonight is probably special because new tank, weekend shitters are out, etc. But good god the top tier is 0% fun right now lol. Hopefully something changes sooner rather than later

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