Toxic players and moderators RU-Cluster

Grab the popcorn, there will be drama!

The story is this, so I decided to buy a tank, and decided to read what the players on the forum write about this tank.In general, it was about the AMX M4 mle. 49/AMX M4 ml. 49 LiberteAnd one player spoke of him as mediocre.

But here the problem of Avtar for this “user” was a little different

O If you have a translator, you can translate what is written there …Here’s an enlarged copy…

And I, as an honest player, press the “complaint” button (on the forum) and write a violation of the rule paragraph 4.5 (on the English forum this is paragraph 7)

I am writing in response to his review of the tank like this.

This is your opinion, and not everyone agrees with it as I see it, but you my dear friend, you need to read the rules of the forum while you are in R.O (Read Only)

And I calmly go about my business, I live in Kyiv. (Ukraine)

And then I get a notification issued to you by R.O.

for trolling

Well, I think I went too far, I go into the topic of discussing the tank, and I see that this character did not receive any “punishment” and the Avatar is in place.

But they punished me =)

Do you think I gave up? Ha-ha nope, I decided to write to two “global moderators”

With a question, does this image violate the rules of the forum … Under the nicknames DerGrosse and BotJkeee!

And as I understand it, it does NOT violate because there was no answer … although it was read
Of course, it should be added that the messages in my personal messages turned out to be separate, as if we had an air raid alert here and I went down to the shelter.

So this is not a political post, and definitely not to cause a holy war! I just want to show you how bad things are on the Russian forum.

Oh yes, so that you have no doubts, this is not the first time when “moderators” do this and do not see violations …

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