Trade-in event – what to buy: Lis or 122TM

Hello guys,

I would never expect from WG to bring some really good Tier 8 medium tanks in such event. Well played WG. Now I need to decide which of the tanks is better in my case.

Tier 8 med premiums I’ve got:

– Bourrasque

– Astron Rex

– T44-100

– Kpz 07

– Progetto

– Skoda T27

I will sacrifice Skoda (which I have never played) to buy one of the two: Lis or 122TM.

I heard that both are good/very good. I am afraid that Lis will be quite similar to T44-100. I prefer its bigger alpha even at the cost of worse gun handling. From the other side, 122TM is also looking good. I know it requires from the player more passive gameplay due to low dpm, but it wouldn’t be a big problem.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share.

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