Traditional LeFH rant

I usually play only tier 7 +, but I just played few battles with my tier 5s and 6s, for some “historical reenactment” and “girls und panzer roleplay”, with good ol classic WW2 tanks.

I can tell you, I will rather play something like Mutz against all the BZs and Skodas T56 and Borats, rather than to play against clicker bots in leFH every single battle. So glad I dont really play those low tiers anymore, only ocasionally.

So many classic WW2 tanks you could enjoy on those tiers (and no I dont care if anyone thinks.. but its sealclubbing how dare you), too bad its unplayable because there is at least one LeFH in at least every second battle.

I dont remember this being a thing like IDK, 3-5 years ago.

Well, congratz WG

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