Troll Cannon [TROLC] *Recruiting*


Mic encouraged, VOIP on TS, discord & WoT.

We encourage running platoons and training exercises. Be willing in helping teammates complete missions & campaign requirements. We will be running skirmishes in tier VI & VIII as well as tier X global battles once we have solid teams ready and feel confident. Our primary focus is on implementing team coordination, tactics and maneuvers to improve battle results on either a win or loss.

Preferred main clan battle tanks & clan grade “ONLY” vehicles permitted in “ALL” clan battle functions! We will be wolf-packing in the British Cromwell mostly for tier VI skirmishes. Tiers VIII & X heavy hitters and TDS assault.

Members will be evaluated on vehicle type skill. If you are light, medium, TDS, heavy or arty players then you may be assigned to those units where you are needed according to your battle strengths. (Ask Your Commander or a Battle Officer if you have questions about bringing in a non-clan qualified tier VI, VIII or X vehicle).

About: We are laid back and encourage a no stress environment. drama of any kind whatsoever will not be tolerated. we are only here to have fun, learn and enjoy a healthy wargaming experience. Leave the egos on the battlefield.


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