Turán III PT

I have some questions about this tank. I got the season pass and started grinding 30 days ago. I’m on level 83 and just suck terribly when playing the Turán. I LOVE the premium PZ. S35 its my bread and butter, my D.W.2 is awesome too. I get at least top 4 and survive most of the matches to the end in both of them. Now the Turán… I’m lucky if i can make it more than a couple minutes… now to my questions, is it a crappy tank? Am I playing it wrong? I haven’t dared play the General T27, figure its best to walk before I run. Im not the best in light tanks, the hit and run technique is still a tricky one for me. Im much more a peek out from cover and fire or side scraper. Does anyone use it? Thanks.

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