Two questions from a returning player

I use to play a long time ago (probably 6 or 7 years ago) and just came back this week. I was never huge in the game to begin with but it looks like a lot has changed in the time I was gone, plus I’ve moved from playing on console over to PC.

So first question is a more personal question for myself. The AMX ELC bis was always my favorite tank to play. I understand its been nerfed since the last time I played but I’ve finally unlocked it again and am wondering how I should set it up. I’m not exactly sure how crews work so I’ve just been training my commander on the 6th sense perk. I’m also not exactly sure what equipment is should load it up with. so any tips there would be appreciated.

Second question is just what tanks I should work towards/what’s good? I enjoy light tanks the most but I like mediums as well.

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