Type 5 Ho-To Stat Changes. Say goodbye to those 570 alpha “HESH” rounds


Changes from the first iteration of the Common Test 1.19.1.


The chance of engine fire: from 10 to 20%


Reload Time: from 11.89 to 12.75 s

Aiming Time: from 2.21 to 2.40 s

Rate of Fire: from 5.05 to 4.71 Rounds per Minute

Standard Penetration: from 265 to 252 mm

Standard Penetration at 500m: from 238 to 239 mm

Premium Penetration: from 230 to 298 mm

Premium Penetration at 500m: from 204 to 280

HE Penetration: from 60 to 110 mm

Alpha Damage of Premium Rounds: from 570 to 500 HP

Average DPM of Standard Rounds: from 2,523 to 2,353 HP

Average DPM of Premium Rounds: from 2,877 to 2,353 HP

Average DPM of HE Rounds: from 3,179 to 2,964 HP

Cost of Standard Ammo: from 1,220 to 1,160 credits

Cost of Premium Ammo: from 4,800 to 5,200 credits

Cost of HE Ammo: from 700 to 1,280 credits


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